Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Couple of Lucky Days


In Beaumont waiting to get into Freightliner we were almost next door at Hidden Lake RV park. Freightliner said that we could overnight in their driveway which is about 200 feet long and 40 or 50 feet wide. Plenty of room for a number of trucks or motorhomes. We actually considered it, but it was hot and we wanted the comfort of air conditioning. It was a good move. Sunday afternoon I walked over to Freightliner a few minutes before closing time and talked to them about the work I wanted done and then I returned for a good evenings rest. They open at 7:30 AM, and I was back there at 7:32. The gate looked strange and an inner gate looked strange. A few police cars were there and I could see that the gates had been smashed through from the inside. I guessed that somebody stole a truck during the night. I was sure glad that we were not parked on the driveway. While waiting for our RV, we were in the Driver’s lounge and a female employee came in and chatted with Helen. It turns out that THREE large Freightliner trucks and a load of tires had been stolen. I’m really glad that we were not witnesses.

We spent much of the day at Freightliner before anyone got to actually look at the coach. A fellow who looked and acted intelligent came to do and inspections to determine how they would wrire up the work order. He poked and prodded for about 20 minutes then reported back to the foreman. I was there when he discussed the situation and he didn’t feel that work was necessary. There is no short in the system, so ther is no chance of fire. What we have is a bad connection, but the system is now adequately powered from another source. The motorhome is perfectly safe. The foreman told me also that under the circumstances he could not see any reason to delay our vacation. If we chose, he WOULD write out a work order and they would find the real problem, though it may take a couple of days to find it and he couldn’t even get to it until Thursday or Friday. I thanked him for his advice and said by Thursday we’d be in Mexico. I asked what the bill would be , he said “nothing’ as they never wrote up a work order.

I used the time to work on the dash air conditioning as it is not working properly. There is a small leak and I lose Freon over time. I went to our friendly Wal-Mart and bought several cans of Freon and three cans of A/C stop leak and finally got the system running nice and cool.

I was deep in a great sleep around 6:00 AM when Helen “gently” screamed……loudly…that there was a beast in the motorhome. She said she saw “something” running over the stove, possibly a rodent of some kind. On the counter near the stove we have fruit and a dog cookie, but nothing had been gnawed or molested in any way. Our three intrepid dogs have shown no interest in any area of the coach and I’d think they would detect the scent of a mouse or squirrel. IF IT IS HERE………you will hear of this again. In a short while, we will be off to Lake Casa Blanca International State Park in Laredo…….hoping for the best and expecting just about anything. I promise myself that I will not jump when Helen screams again.



  1. Sounds like you have more peace of mind, with your coach problem, and now you can relax and enjoy the trip. Lucky to have R135 in your coach as you would have had to wait to get to Mexico had it been filled with R-12 .I think I would have waited as the last time I bought a 2 lb can for my Son's car it was $29 dollars for just the Freon, and another $15 for the 1 lb can with some Freon and stop leak in it. Last I heard it was much cheaper in Mexico the farther south from the border you got.I am pretty sure the girls would have raised hell if they saw a mouse, Rigg's chased one across the kitchen last year. it was hilarious to watch him realize he wasn't going fit in the one inch opening between the fridge and the cabinet while he was trying to stop before slamming into it.Looks like you only have one more day in Texas and you will be trying to brush up your Spanish Got an e-mail from Kevin & Ruth and they said they are speeding up their journey south and would only stop for one night, since they got a request from Mary at the Mexican campground to come down as soon as they can and run the campground, Mary's Dad is evidently very sick in the USA and they want to visit him. That will be a good deal for Kevin and Ruth to save some money if they are working.Tell Helen not to worry mice don't eat much, just have her tap her shoes on the floor to get the scorpions and spiders out before she puts them on.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna. PS give the girls a hug for us..

  2. You sure made the right choice about not staying at Freightliner. The crooks could have decided they could use an RV too:(