Saturday, October 20, 2012

We’re Actually Away


Today dawned bright and clear and we were really able to leave. The serviceman arrived right on time and though I was a bit skeptical about a general serviceman, he WAS recommended by the Freightliner dealer. He had me start the engine and it started right up. Then I turned on the headlights and everything died. I left the key on, and in a minute some relay reset and I again had power. The fellow went out to look at the breaker panel and told me to turn on the lights again. I did and everything died for a second and then came on. The engine had stopped during the short spell, but I had all the gauges and the headlights stayed on. “I’ve found it” he said.

Now, going back to my work on that panel, I had no power to that particular point, so I added power from another source and disconnected the original cable. Well, that cable was actually supposed to power two blocks in the panel and when I ran the new wire, I disconnected the original cable preventing the second block from getting power. His solution was to use BOTH cables. With both cables connected the motorhome runs and acts like normal. He did suggest that if HE were driving this to Mexico, he would have it checked out by Freightliner to find and fix the original fault. It make sense to me, and I made a list of the Freightliner Oasis (Motorhome friendly) dealers on our route, starting in Mobile, Alabama. If my timing and plans work out, I should be able to use the dealer in Houston, Monday morning


This is a picture of the 130 amp breaker that I had such a hard time finding. It’s the “thing” in the middle, on the passenger side of the chassis and about even with the engine-transmission connection. It was not the problem though and I’ll give the final results later.


This is the way I leave the Lincoln for the duration, up on jack stands and with a trickle charger on the battery.


This is our campsite at Azalea Acres RV Park, a Passport America park, so we paid $14.00 for the night with full service, 50 amp electric, and the thing you see sticking above the roof is the Wifi antenna.

It was a great day and I hope this continues.


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  1. So glad to hear that you got the coach going, and are now on your way for your 2012 Great Adventure. Donna & Rigg's and I will be following you all the way. Take your time and be safe out there. Sam & Donna.