Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Time in Laredo


We got into Laredo yesterday afternoon and the ride was quite an adventure on it’s own. Route 59, from Houston to Laredo is a two lane road, often with no substantial shoulders. In addition, most of it could sure use a new paving. In spite of it’s shortcomings, the speed limit was 75 miles per hour almost all the way. I could manage 60 to 65, but that was about all. I fell in with a group of trucks and when there were passing areas we would all pull to the right lane, but no one ever passed until we were just a few miles outside Laredo. I was following the directions of TWO GPS units and when they told me to take a right onto Lake casa Blanca Road, I did. It was not a real road and there was no way to turn with the Jeep attached. I took the Jeep and drove further up the dirt path that was once an alternate route to the park. I crossed the boundry abd finally found a ranger who could give me directions. He laughed because all the GPS units take people to the wrong road and you could see where a number of vehicles had to turn around to get out. The real entrance was just a few hundred yards up the road. Helen says that we will not be coming this way again, but of course, we will be coming back through Columbia Crossing and will not see Laredo again.

Our original plan was to spend a day or two in Laredo, running across the border to Nuevo Laredo to buy Mexican Telcel phones. We find out this morning that the border here is closed because of shootouts on the other side. That works for us. At Columbia Crossing there is no city or town, just the US and Mexican border guards and customs. We can get the phones later. We are starting to wonder about all the fireworks we hear in the distance. Last night we were sure it was just 4th of July type  fireworks, but now……………

We are camped at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park and it’s a bit barren compared to the last few camping spots. However, we were very close to the water and the dogs got in a swim last night. Helen had a few tennis balls and when she threw the first, Sandy leapt right off the shore into the water. This is a special moment because Sandy will only enter the pool  via the steps.The point she jumped from was nearly three feet above the water and it caught her by surprise. After that first jump, she would walk to the side of the point and enter without the jump.


Our Campground.

Since the above was written, I’ve been running errands around town, got our dollars exchanged for pesos, picked up a few things at Wal-Mart, and visited a local O’Reilleys Auto Parts for a second spare fuel filter. At the parts store there was a DOT agent working his second job. He also works at the DOT station at Columbia Crossing. I told him that I was not crossing at Laredo due to the violence across tha border. He told me not to take the next crossing either, which is just a few miles to the north as it will still take us through the violent parts of Nuevo Laredo. Columbia Crossing is fine as it bypasses all the congestion of Nuevo Laredo. I also heard from someone on RV.NET that he came through Columbia Crossing on Friday and has had no problems and has seen nothing of consequence. I guess our purchase of Telcel phones will have to wait until later.

This continues from above. Now we’re in Saltillo, Mexico. HOWEVER, I was awakened in the middle of the night when Helen screamed because she saw a mouse. SHe must have scared the poor little thing. When I got up in the morning, Helen had one of the dogs out so I grabbed a banana. Thee was a bunch and one separate. Naturally I took the odd one. Helen came back and asked what happened to the banana that the mouse got into. Well, that was the one I ate. Helen dug the skin out of the trash to show me the hole he had gnawed. Little…whatever. I was soon off to Walmart to arm myself with mouse catching tackle. A coupld of traps and a few sticky pads. I hope it works because I wouldn’t want to get in trouble for not declaring another pet.

It was hot as blazes earlier hitting 98 at one point. Thought I’d have to run the generator all night, but it cooled off quickly and there is a nice breeze.



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  1. Glad to see you guys made it safely into Mexico, There used to be a large railroad shop in Santillo, don't know if it is still there. Most likely you will hear trains if you park for the night.Haven't heard if Kevin & Ruth will arrive today or tomorrow, originally it was to be Saturday, but then they said they might be early, and now their blog says they did some extra sightseeing in Cincinatti. We're ready for them I bought a 12 pack of Moosehead Canadian beer.Pretty good Helen see's a Moose and we'll be drinking some. Hey be safe out there. Buenos Tardes.