Monday, October 22, 2012

Waiting in Beaumont, Texas


We’ve had excellent weather and made good time getting to Beaumont where we are camped at Hidden Lake RV Park. This is another super clean park with brand new bathrooms, complete with sink, toilet and shower. The folks who run the campground are super friendly and there is free Keurig coffee with snacks. It’s also another Passport America park so the tab is $17.50. We are waiting to get a call from Beaumont Freightliner to have our electric system checked. Freightliner is next door. How convenient is that? Being the antsy person I am, and not patient to wait a few hours, I called Houston Freightliner to see when they could get me in…………Oct. 29th is their first chance. Obviously I’ll stay here and bide my time. Of course, I’m playing on the computer while Helen is doing some of the heavy cleaning that must be done from time to time.



  1. We had some work done at Beaumont Freightliner some years ago and they were friendly and good, it just took awhile.

  2. Glad to see you guys made it ti Texas, Don't forget to put on your rancher hat Paul. Once they look at the coach you will have peace of mind for Helen on the rest of your journey.Those Passport America camps are pretty neat if you can find one on your way.That one we stayed in on the way down to you place was small but nice and they had great wi-fi too. Hope the girls are enjoying their stay at the campground and getting to meet other muttso's.Get some rest while your waiting for Freightliner to get you guys in. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...