Monday, October 29, 2012

Staying in Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

That’s the city of Puebla, in the state of Puebla, country of Mexico. We drove from Queretaro and had a great trip. In the past, we were cautioned to KEEP OUT OF MEXICO CITY, yet all my mapping programs routed me through there. I had to adjust the route to take the new Mexico City bypass, the ARCO NORTE. What a pleasant drive, easily the best road we’ve encountered in Mexico. The toll is a bit steep, 470 pesos or $36.00 US, but it is worth it. There was a story on RV.NET a week ago where a woman claimed that a friend passing through Mexico City was hassled TWICE by the local police and they eventually took all his cash. On our trip we always felt safe and secure. As we travel, we also get the information of where to go, what to see, and what to avoid. It’s the latest news and so far it has been accurate. Last year the US Travel Advisory said to avoid Culiacan because of cartel violence, and we did. When we got to the campground the next day, the Canadians were talking about visiting friends in Culiacan and said that the US information was a month old. In Laredo, we got the word right away, border closed, take the crossing two crossings upstream.

Back to our trip.


Leaving Queretaro, we passed under the ancient aqueduct, still in use today. However, Queretaro is a large and still growing city and may need more water sources. At least this is my theory. North of Queretaro and running for many miles is a project that is putting large diameter pipes underground. I mean miles and miles and miles of two to two and a half feet in diameter. I noted that the connections have three rings of rubber “O” rings and doubt that it would be for something other than water. It’s a massive project, but this is just what I surmise.


This is the Arco Norte, a very fine highway, equal to anything you’d find in the US.


Here we are in the campground in Cholula, a suburb of Puebla and the closest one can get to Puebla. Below are a few pictures Helen took of the campground.




Last night we had an awesome thunderstorm and rain poured from the sky. Thunder shook the motorhome more than I would have thought possible as we’re on leveling jacks. We expected to be living in mud this morning, but all the rain has been absorbed and there is no mud anywhere, a most pleasant surprise. Now, I’m going to do some web surfing on Puebla so we can make the most of our time here.



  1. What a great campground, looks like it is very upscale.Kevin and Ruth left this morning, they should be in Mexico in a couple days. I hope the girls are enjoying there ride,Were doing fine Donna & I, just sweating out the kid's on the east coast, they will be right on the coast and right in Sandy's path. keep the pictures coming, and Paul your doing great in your blogging, even better than last year.Have a great week. and be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. HI Paul and Helen, we are so excited to see your blog about this trip. We have never been that way so it is all new to us. You have a great trip and keep up the good blog. Sal and Barb