Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This afternoon we lost two more puppies as they went off to a new chapter in their lives. The black female I call Princess is on her way to Fort Pierce and the chocolate female, Bella, is on her way to Port Richey. We are very pleased with both families and feel that these two pups, like all the others are going to very fine home and will have great lives.

At the beginning, Helen and I could only see that we were helping a poor mother and her litter. Yes, we have done that, and we. through Lab Rescue of Florida, have found great homes for all of them. After seeing the faces of the people adopting the pups and the mom, I find that we have also given nine families a nice Christmas. We see the delighted faces on the children and we see the adults cooing like children as they hold their puppies.

In recent years, Helen and I have become somewhat jaded in our view of Christmas, with the gross commercialization and the mantra of more, more, more. Even our own families don't seem to take the season seriously and certainly don't, or haven't appreciated the work that has gone into a family Christmas at our house. Helen and I will celebrate a very non-commercial Christmas with virtually no decorations and no fanfare. We have taken in a desperate mother Lab and her pups, restored them to health and will see them all off to great new homes. It will be our most rewarding Christmas since.........well....since my sons were little boys.

This Christmas I am truly grateful for whatever force brought us and the puppies together.

That's all for now.

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