Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday was an unusual day in the annals of Tempesta sports. Three generations participated in a round of golf at Whispering Pines Golf Course in eastern Citrus County. My son, Paul, Jr., grandson Keaton, and I headed out for a quick nine holes under an over cast sky. They were high clouds, though, with no chance of rain. The temperature was very comfortable. On the sixth hole I finally hit an iron shot that didn't bounce along the ground and on the seventh tee I hit a drive that was my best shot of the day. Paul, Jr. can easily outpower his dad and was able to get some awesome distance, often over shooting the green. His tee shot on the ninth was his best shot of the day and was an exactly perfect shot straight down the fairway, straight WAY DOWN the fairway. A couple of yards further and a slight fade to the right and he would have been on the green.

Keaton is at the very beginning of his golf life and it's obvious that he doesn't buy his own golf balls. He is a determined golfer and if he drives a ball into the water, he's happy to try again from the same spot. His Dad finally got him to accept the bad shot and drop a new ball and take a stroke penalty rather than keep hitting balls in the water.

I used to beat Paul, Jr. regularly, but those days are over as he has improved greatly since we last played. Now I can eke out a win over Keaton, but it's too obvious that as we continue to play, I'll be coming in third in this group. I feels good to be going out as three generations. I get the same feeling when I go fishing with Scott and Branden. I'm sorry that my sons and I never got the chance to share quality time with my father.

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