Sunday, December 20, 2009

Doggone and Washer Woes

Right now, Sunday afternoon, we are down to just four puppies, and we are very pleased with the caliber of the families adopting our beautiful pups. My earlier optimism about the easing of the poop situation was dashed this morning when it looked like the droppings of more pups than we had before. What can ya do? Of course, part of raising eight puppies is doing load after load after load of towels that we use for bedding as they soil them continuously. At least the washer and dryer have been keeping up with the job.

At least until this morning. We tend to do very large loads and run at maximum load, or more, run at maximum agitation, and run at maximum spin. This morning the washer said "I've had enough!!!" I started the laundry and probably overloaded the washer. When it was full, there were only two or three more towels in the basket, so I just added them. When I left the laundry room, the washer was washing normally. A short while later Helen brought more towels out there and noted that the washer was making a funny noise and was not agitating. I investigated and sure enough, the motor was running but all we got was a clicking sound. Damn!!! A tub full of poopy water and towels.

I turned the control to spin and I got the clicking sound, but also the sound of the pump and the water being pumped out. That was a blessing because working on the washer was bad enough, but having to bail out the tube would have been a real pain. After taking all the towels out and running the pump once more, I got nearly all the water out. Next, I disconnected the machine and rolled it out into the garage and flipped it over. I toyed with it for a little while and didn't make any progress and thought we'd have to buy a new one. I checked out Sears Outlets for a scratch and dent special and was considering a quick ride to Tampa in the afternoon.

Then, since we had a couple of hours before the people picking up their pup were due, I had another go at the washer. It only took a few moments to find that the problem is a broken nylon connector between the motor and the transmission. Now this is a part that probably cost ten cents to make, but will probably cost me $15.00 to buy. Tomorrow, first thing, I'll be up at Welch Appliance repair shop to get a replacement. We'll have to see how it works out tomorrow.

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