Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smile !!! or at least don't Growl!!!

We had our favorite photographer over today to take a few pictures of us with the eight puppies. It was not our intent to get a "studio quality" portrait of the ten of us, just a picture that we'd have to remember this chapter in our lives. Rita came over on Friday and took several pictures, but none met her approval, so we tried again this afternoon.

Can you imagine trying to pose with arms full of wriggling eels??? Well, eight puppies are not too much easier.

From Puppy Pics

This picture is more than we expected as a picture of the puppies and us. We have, quite literally, hundreds of pictures of the pups, so we'll never forget this short adventure in our lives.

All the adult dogs get along so well that we wonder how Jodie and Coco Will adjust to having Freckles gone in a couple of weeks. When Freckles came home after the spaying, she was greeted with wagging tails and sniffs and licks. She has truly become one of the pack.

More later.

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