Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Last of the Pups

Today we passed Brooks off to his new guardian as Dennis took him away to Tampa. He will be getting the attention of the whole family there, including two little girls, four and six, who have no idea that he's coming. I expect Brooks to have a spectacular life in a setting where he will get a lot of great care and tons of attention. We didn't have much of a chance to bond with the other pups as they were part of a large group soiling their pen. With Brooks by himself, he mostly did his business outside and we found that to be a most endearing quality. That he is so very friendly and loving wasn't a bad thing either. So it was with some mixed emotions that we watched him go. I could say how life is easier now that all the puppies are gone, but one puppy is not a lot of work and the joy he brings FAR outweighs any work involved. Last night he slept in the kitchen area by himself. He had access to water and could attend to business as needed, without calling on us. However, a little after 8:00 AM, he was HUNGRY and he let us know. He set up such a howling to be fed, but once his dish was put before him he was all business. A few minutes later all the dogs went out, with Brooks chasing Jodie and Coco as fast as his little legs would carry him and with his ears flopping as he ran. He took care of business very quickly and hustled back to the house. It was very cold this morning and he knew the house was warm.

From Puppy Pics

From Pups for Peeps

Brooks has come a long way in such a short time. We wish him a long and healthy life and hope to get a picture or two in time.

Now, we are free, so it's off to dinner with friends, if Helen's eyes are not too red.

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