Monday, December 21, 2009

Washer woes are gone.

Yesterday I wrote about the washing machine problem we had. This morning I had a new coupler by 9:00 AM and had the washer back in business before 10:00 AM. Are we glad that a new washer wasn't necessary. The part that broke was nylon and I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. The replacement part is also nylon, but it is reinforced with metal and I doubt I'll ever have to replaces it again. By mid-afternoon we were all caught up with the puppy towels and Helen went to work on the laundry for the people in the house.

The puppies are getting used to having more freedom and do not like to stay in their pen any longer. Even the outside pen cages them in too much. It was too cold this morning, so they had the run of the kitchen and that worked for quite a while. The main thing is letting them run and run and get tired. Then they are content to nap for long periods of time.

In the warmth of this afternoon, we took them out back and let them really run. We left Jodie and Coco inside because they tend to play too rough with the pups. All the pups were very active, running a full speed around the yard. They have advanced to the point where they can run with some speed without tripping from time to time. They were chasing each other around and around and into the trees. They lasted much longer that I thought they would, and when they were brought inside they just collapsed. They must have been exhausted as they have never been that active for so long a time.

We now have four puppies with two going to new homes tomorrow and one on Wednesday. That will leave us with Brooks, the largest of them all, and the most active. We will have him until December 30th and it will be up to me and Helen to keep him occupied. OH BOY!!!! We have names for all the pups except for the black female. Bella the chocolate female will be going tomorrow as well as the black female. Cooper, the male runt will be leaving Wednesday afternoon. Hating to have the beautiful black female with no name I've been calling her Princess.
I could say what a beauty she is, and she is, but all of the puppies have been exceptional and that's my completely unbiased opinion.

That's all for now.

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