Saturday, December 15, 2012

Almost Shamed into Blogging Again


There have been comments made about some of us (I’m not the only one using Brenda’s Blog) have been taking advantage of Brenda by passing some of our responsibility off onto her blog. Well, that and that her blog makes us look inept. Of course there are some things that we did that didn’t show up on Brenda’s Blog.

I didn’t mention the wild thunderstorm we had a few nights ago. It sure got our dogs’ attention. Jodie was huffing and puffing like she does when we’re on the road. Sandy was trembling like a leaf. Coco was oblivious to anything happening at all. I had all three on the bed and when the storm finally passed, I wanted to get on my side and go back to sleep. Jodie wanted nothing to do with moving and she gave me quite a growl. When Jodie is comfortable, she DOES NOT want to be disturbed. She expresses herself with a loud growl and sometimes with teeth bared. She has never bitten anyone or even snapped at anyone, but the growl and bared teeth get my adrenalin going. I threw her off the bed and out of the bedroom. Coco hadn’t moved and Sandy was moved to a better location and I went back to sleep. A few hours later I had to get up, and when I did, there was Jodie, on the bed, and cuddled right up to Sandy. The odd thing about that is that if Jodie was on the bed first, she would growl if either Coco or Dandy even touches her.

Of course, we continue to take the dogs to the beach and they attract people each time. You may be surprised to know that pictures of our beach beauties are probably being sent all around North America and to Europe.


Here are a group of people watching the dogs chase the balls. The two people in the distance are from Germany and are staying at the Catalonia Resort just up the beach. We seem to see them every day that we take the dogs down and the gentleman will toss the ball a few times himself. 


This is, of course, Coco. Do you think this breaker bothered her at all? Not a chance. In fact, all three dogs take the surf in stride, buried one moment and after the ball after the wave passes.


This is what happens when Helen throws the ball so far out that the dogs can’t see it. It’s the first time it happened and I’m sure it was because of the size of the waves. A dog eye level, they couldn’t see the ball. There was a Mexican or Spanish couple standing next to me and I said in my best Spanish “ I need another ball for my wife”. They both laughed, either because my Spanish was good enough or because they were too nice to embarrass me.


This is how it usually goes. Helen throws the ball and it’s every dog for herself. First one to the ball (Sandy) gets it.  Then Coco gets the second ball and Jodie either chases the third or ignores it.


This is Brenda on the right and Gerry on the left talking to someone walking the beach. Brenda is the one who write the blog that I often refer to. Yes, I’m lazy, but Brenda does a superior job and I can’t come close. She may have been an English Lit teacher in a previous life. The people walking the beach come from the Catalonia-Royal Tulum Resort  a few hundred feet up the coast. We found out from one couple that all the guests wear color coded bracelets so the staff can tell at a glance what language is spoken. Clear is English, Yellow is Swedish. Blue, I think, is Italian, but there are many other colors as well. As I said, people from all over North America and Europe flock to these shores for a winter break.

Helen and I have come to think of ourselves as intrepid travelers, having come all the way from Central Florida to this Mayan Riviera. Then, we see something like below.


This German built land machine pulled in a couple of days ago. The young (by my standards) German couple are on a trip from Alaska to Patagonia. I believe that the shortest rout would be close to 12,000 miles, but they are not taking the shortest route. The husband told me that they have spent over 14 months in the USA, and planned on spending about a year in Mexico. I have no idea how much time they spent in Canada or will spend in the Central and South American countries, but this is a journey without parallel. We have seen a few other travelers with much smaller rigs, like on a Range Rover, but they were only headed from Alaska to Costa Rica…….only. To see more about this kind of truck, visit





  1. Paul there is nothing wrong with your blogging ability, I enjoy reading all of them and also the picture content.We have been so lucky with Rigg's and storms, he must have a little bit of gun dog left in him because he is not afraid of thunder,fireworks or gunshots. He will sleep through a storm that would wake most dogs up.That RV from Germany look like it might be of military heritage, the high ground clearance, and the wheels all look like an army type truck, I have heard of a company that does conversions but I don't know the name or what country they are in. Saw an RV made out of a Canadian 2 ton truck at a campground once,nice job, but it was a home done project.Hope the warm weather holds out for you, We were there in January one year and it had record low temps, 40s at night and 60-70's during the day, funny the water stayed warm though, Be safe out there. Have a Dos XX for me. Be safe out there, give the girls a hug, Sam & Donna.....

  2. Great blog. keep swelling Brendas head about our blog and I well never have to do it again.LOL..