Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Day in Paradise!


Yes, another day enjoying the air and water of Eastern Mexico. We started the day off by taking the dogs for a swim, though the only one who swims just for the joy of swimming is Jodie. Even in the pool, she will often go for a lap or two around the pool just for the swim. Coco and Sandy are only in it to fetch and retrieve. They all had some good exercise anyway and after a bath and a towel dry, they were worn out.

Helen and I didn’t mind leaving them while we went up to Playa Del Carmen for some shopping and Chinese food for lunch. As we left the campground on the road to the highway, we saw a young couple heading away from camp. We waved and then though about offering them a ride. I backed up and we made the offer and they were happy for the ride. That’s how we met Janya and Vladimir from Russia, a very nice young couple just married in Mexico. Vladimir studied English in college, so we were able to chat very easily. Since they were also heading to Carmen, we drove them all the way and it wasn’t out of our way at all.

Helen and I did some shopping and stopped for lunch at a little Chinese restaurant. My meal was pretty good and the spring roll was one of the best I’ve had. Helen was not as pleased with hers.  Since my last trip to Carmen, we are always sure to put on our seat belts. I’ve been stopped twice now and have not gotten a ticket yet, but there’s no use pushing my luck.

We hit several stores including a Super Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club and stopped on the way back fo ten gallons of purified water. So far, on this trip, I’ve done very well using the local water with a cup of chlorine to a tank o0f water. At the kitchen sink there is a filter that removes the chlorine taste for drinking water and water to the ice maker. However, we were told that the water here is SO bad (and a bit salty) that we prefer to be safe. We pay 10 pesos for a 5 gallon jug, or about 72 cents. That compares to $6.86 at our local Lowe’s in Inverness.

We got home and fed the dogs and walked them and now we are waiting for the 4:00 PM Happy Hour with many of our fellow campers .




  1. You have happy hour at 4:00pm...? Dammit, we have to wait until 4:30!

  2. I am usually Happy at any hour, why not. Glad to see you are making new friends and getting around. To bad about Helen's lunch. Maybe better luck next time. Food is always such a gamble on whether you get a good meal or not. Glad to hear the girls are getting their swim time in. Bought Rigg's a vest but I have to return it, see my blog. he still has the Santa suit from last year.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna, oh yeah, Rigg's and Sadie too..