Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Day in Paradise…….again


I feel so fortunate to be spending time with my best girl and my three dogs here on the Playa south of Carmen. Yesterday was a busy day for me, running errands and shopping, but when I got back to the campground we fed the dogs and walked them, then took a ride just a short way to Puerto Adventuras. It was about a 2.5 mile trip. Puerto Adventuras is a multi use facility with a large number of condos as well as rental units. They have a marina with some large cabin cruisers capable of long ocean voyages. There are several large lagoons that house a number of dolphins, seals, and manatees. People can snorkel with all of them……for a price. Around the perimeter of the lagoons are many shops and restaurants.  Helen and I chose one for dinner and had an excellent meal.


It was getting dark as we left and lights were coming on, lighting the pathways and the important parts of the area. We had three dogs at home and we had to get back, but we will go again and plan to stay longer. The entrance is free, so we can go in and see the dolphin show or just mosey around. We can also go later and take in the evening ambiance.

This morning we took a walk down the beach as I wanted to check out the rocky looking area at the end of the beach. Right in front of the campground the beach is beautiful, mild waves, much sand, and no fish. At the end, there  are rocks reaching into deeper water and there was a lot of activity as small fish were being chased to the surface.



Today, as anyone in Dardenne Prairie would know, is Friday Pizza night. A dozen of us went to Leo’s Pizza for some pretty good pizza.


Here are: L to R..Jerry, Paul, Brenda, Gerry, Glenn, Maureen, Christine, Anne standing behind David, Percilla, and Robb. Helen, of course, is behind the camera.


What a surprise finding such delicious Italian Pizza in Mexico!

We are extremely comfortable here and have no immediate plans to leave. We have a secluded beach front and yet we are only 20 minutes from Sam’s Club or many other stores in Playa Del Carmen. Leche fresca (Fresh milk) is available everywhere and that’s important after spending weeks where it was not available. Though some people don’t mind, Helen and I couldn’t develop a taste for the reconstituted milk in unrefrigerated boxes.

I am afraid that at some point I will wake up and find that this has only been a dream.



  1. We met Brenda and Gerry last year...say hi to them for us!

  2. Thanks for the pizza pictures, where was Helen I guess she snapped the photo. W so much wish we could have been there to share a drink and a piece of pizza with you.But we are happy you have found a nice slice of paradise. We miss you guys and the girls. Sam & Donna..