Monday, December 10, 2012

Yet….Another Day at the Beach


Yesterday we again had the dogs at the beach. This time we were accompanied by our campground neighbors Brenda and Gerry. I took a lot of pictures and Brenda apparently took a lot of pictures and we all had a good time. We met a fellow named Emilio, from Rome, Italy who is in the area with his girlfriend and his grandfather. He delighted in taking a number of pictures on his iPod. HE even tried to contact his girlfriend to have her join us but she could not be reached.

Brenda has a blog and did a much better job of our day than I could, and, I get to be in one of the pictures. You can check out Brenda's Blog,

I may default to “Check Brenda’s Blog” as my entry while we share the same campground. Don’t just check out the one’s with the dogs and us, check her earlier blogs to see about the area and the humor of getting a parking ticket in Playa Del Carmen.

Thanks Brenda!!



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  1. I saw Brenda's blog first, she did a good job, and the girls look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, Good to see you have good neighbors and meeting new friends from all over.Paul did you remember any of your Italian from growing up? When I think of how my Mom and Uncle were fluent all their lives since that was what was used when they were kid's.Give the girls a hug from us. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..