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Yes, tonight is pizza night for the campers at the park. A caravan of three cars drove down to Leo’s Pizza for our Friday night get-together, but this Blog actually goes back to the night before last.

DSC05108 (Small)

After “Happy Hour” Wednesday night, Helen and I went for an evening stroll around the dolphin pools of Puerto Adventura, a few miles up the coast. I’ve mentioned this place before as it is an “upscale” condo and hotel establishment for the more fiscally endowed. There are several marinas that have large yachts moored. There is a great golf course, but we have yet to see anyone on it. And there are pools for dolphins, sea lions, and manatees. We have yet to see the manatees, but we did see the others. There are shops and restaurants around the perimeter of the pools, and outsiders, like us, can stroll through and spend a few bucks, or more than a few bucks.

DSC05111 (Small)

Clothing here is priced outrageously high and there are very few things that you can buy here that you can’t get for half price or less just down the street. The restaurants are different here than elsewhere, so everyone at the campground comes over once in a while to partake of a more Gringo type of food. Helen had a grouper fillet and I had chicken parmesan. It’s one of the very few times we were not served some kind of salsa and tortilla chips. Instead we were given warm bread and REAL butter, a nice salad and a well presented entrée. Service was great and the food was excellent! The price was only a little bit high, but well worth it, considering what we got for food and ambiance.

Chronologically, the cenote dive would come next, but I covered that yesterday. Someone is getting all fouled up and I think it might be me! OK, now for today, Friday, 12/21/2012.

Helen and I started the day with a beach day for the dogs and people reacted the way they always seem to. One girl dug her phone out of her pocket and took a few pictures. The three dogs never fail to amuse the people walking the beach. This is where the new picture for the blog heading came from, compliments of Gerry Arndt, our next door neighbor.

IMG_6009 (Small)

Here we’re trying to line up the dogs, and this photo shows more of the beach.

Later, I headed up to Playa Del Carmen to do some shopping, bringing back fresh whole milk for Gerry and us, a commodity we insist upon. I mentioned in an earlier blog about the milk sold in cardboard boxes. It doesn’t require refrigeration until open and can remain in the cupboard for quite a long time. Too bad that it tastes so bad. I also got a few more things, but nothing important. I did stop to get some cash out of the cajero (ATM). Then I paid for another month here at the door of paradise. We will remain here AT LEAST through most of January. Every day we do not move the motorhome, we save a bundle.

At around 5:00 PM, we all left for pizza. Helen and I varied from the past ordering one with peppers, onion, mushroom and sausage (Italian). I think it was better than the Leo’s special, but Helen prefers the special. I can easily live with Leo’s special, so that’s what we’ll do next week. This weekly ritual is another fun part of being here. There is a nice group of campers and we seem to get along well. We have friends in the States who would fit right in with this crowd.

DSC05115 (Small) (2)

After the pizza, we all take a walk around the small town. We walked by this electrical connection and we guys were amazed at what passed for wiring here. The wires on the left come directly from the overhead wires and what you see is the connections that lead to the meters. Some heavy rubber gloves and some cable with alligator clips and there is no need to have metered electricity, as long as you remove same before the meters are read. The thing is……..this panel is only a few feet above the ground and could EASILY be touched by a youngster.

The coming days may prove to be interesting. Last year, there was a great influx of Mexican Americans heading home for Christmas. Here, on the Mayan Riviera, we understand that the influx is one of MANY campers pitching tents on the beach and possibly getting rowdy. It seems that a truckload of port-a-potties was delivered yesterday and then later taken away. Is this to accommodate the crowd? Also, the road from the highway to the campground has been free except for weekends. Campers get back in at no charge. However, people coming to the restaurant or to the beach have to pay a toll to use the road. The coming days will tell the tale.



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  1. Glad to see your group got out for their pizza night.Ours was moved to today so My niece from Mississippi will enjoy it with us. Got Adam here for the weekend. The doggie pictures came out great. it's tough to get one to pose for you when a camera comes out. Rigg's runs over and puts his nose up to it. Only a couple days left before the Cgristmas Holidays, Hope you guys enjoy it, I know I would be swimming at the beach.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....