Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spending the Days in Xpu-Ha

After spending a week at the Mecoloco Campground north of Cancun, we drove about 62 miles south to a beach-front campground only 15 miles from Playa Del Carmen and it is truly beautiful here.


This is located on a coast known as the Mayan Riviera. Between here and Playa Del Carmen you’ll find many very plush resorts. Even at the campground there are jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks and more. There is a fully staffed PADI scuba shop and you can set up for a fishing trip as well. Helen and I went snorkeling yesterday and were a bit disappointed as there was not a lot of fish on the reef closest to shore


The dogs have been having an incredible time in the surf and people walking the beach stop to watch them and take pictures. They are amazed that the three dogs take the surf so well. Even when the surf breaks over their heads, they are not at all daunted. They retrieve the tennis balls over and over and won’t quit until we finally take the balls away. After we wash them off and dry them, they zone out on their beds, tired, but apparently happy.

Percilla and Robb, who we met at Isla Aguada are here an, in fact, came about a week ahead of us. The report of the campground was such that Helen and I decided to bypass this one. Percilla emailed me that the campground book is outdated and that there really is water, 30 amp electricity, and a sewer connection.


Here Robb and Percilla are enjoying the Mexican sun. They are Canadians from Winnipeg and are much heartier stock than I, as they go for a swim each morning, often before my lazy bones are out of bed. I have to be coaxed into the water in the afternoon when it gets warm enough for me.

Beyond Robb and Percilla is another couple, John and Peggy. It seems as if they have been every place where Helen and I have traveled, except for Newfoundland. Not only have they been to the same states, but to the same cities with similar experiences. What I find shocking is that they have spent time in our area of Florida and have canoed ALL the rivers in the county and the area. They even found a campground just around the corner from where we live but didn’t know about! We went SCUBA diving from Anthony’s Key, Roatan, Honduras and so did they. We spent some time in Punta Perula, and so did they. Last night Robb, Percilla, John, Peggy, Helen, and I went to a little town about 15 miles away for some “really good Mexican pizza”. It was very good pizza and we followed that with a stroll around the small town. They had one road closed for a birthday party for some child. There were large blow-up slides and such for the kids to play on and every one seemed to be having a great time. It was nearly a full mo0on and it was a nice night for a casual walk.

We’ll be here for another 5 or 6 weeks, so we’ll have plenty of time to visit the ruins of Tulum and check out some of the cenotes, or as we call them in Florida, sinkholes.



  1. We spent a week at Xpu-Ha a couple of years ago. Beautiful white sand beach and the water was even warm enough for me (Kevin) to go swimming a few times!

  2. Canadians are a 'hearty bunch' or maybe just a wee bit crazy?..speaking from experience, of course!
    glad that you are 'all' enjoying yourselves!

  3. Good to see you guys have a great campground, beach and companions. We so wish we were there. The thought of the queens of Williams Ave going to bed zonked out after a day at the beach is really neat.We think of you guys all the time especially when it iscold outside. which is most day anymore, Although we have had 2 days in the 70's here .Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  4. You may be able to wash the salt off the girls, but don't think you can wipe the smiles off their faces...what a happy crew. If we are able to meet you down there, Paul you and I can watch Helen and Sam go into the water when its not (as Sam puts it) 'bathtub warm" and wait until it is.