Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I May Never Have to Blog Again!


If I play my cards right and camp in the same campground as Gerry and Brenda, I might not have to create my own blog. Today, Helen and many of the girls from the campground took off for a “Girls’ Day” in Playa Del Carmen. It gave us guys the perfect opportunity to do what we have learned to do best……..nothing. In fact, I got a little behind in my work today, so I’ll have to do nothing for most of the day tomorrow.

In all honesty, I DID walk the dogs……and I fed them. When I woke up around two in the afternoon, two were on the bed with me and one was on the floor beside the bed.

I downloaded the pictures taken during the day and found that they just HAD to be posted, but I was too slow. Brenda, again, did a most excellent job of documenting the girls’ day in town. I’d hate to try to duplicate her efforts, so visit her blog for the insider’s view of the day.

You will not be disappointed! Thank you Brenda!!!!



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