Thursday, October 28, 2010

43 years and counting

Well folks, Helen and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary today. 43 sure doesn't feel that long, yet it's difficult for me to remember my life before Helen became a part of it. Our good friends, The Barita Girls, Barb and Rita took us to dinner at Helen's favorite restaurant. It was a very, very special time. The food and service were perfect and the company could not have been better. I think that Barb and Rita are now officially family.

You're probably wondering how an old SOB like me caught a hot chick like Helen. Scroll down and you will see that I was not always a fat, bald old man.

Helen's Dad, Russell, getting ready to walk Helen down the aisle.

Here's the happy couple. Please notice the hair. No, not her's, MINE!!!!!

Our ride to the reception. It seems like I have a bit more chin(s) than I remember.

You can't see below, but we're getting ready to cut the cake. When we got to the part where the bride feeds the groom and the groom feeds the bride, we did not get off on the wrong path by smashing the cake in each other's face. Helen was and is too classy to play that game.

And here we are in my '65 Le Mans convertible, heading away from the reception and off to a week on the Maine coast.

Two years ago we revisited some of the places we visited in Maine and were so surprised to see all the changes in just 41 years. Of course, coastal property anywhere is prime real estate and I think that it's even more so along parts of the Maine coast.

I can't thank Rita and Barb enough for making this anniversary one of the most memorable in the last 43 years. They are thoughtful through and through.


  1. happy anniversary to you two!!!..43 years!!!!!

  2. What a great blog, and yes 40plus years take a toll on our youthful bodies, not so much Helen and Donna's as yours and mine. But we were lucky to have those days. Thank God for all those happy times together in between. Be safe Out There. Sam & Donna.

  3. Hi guys its Donna,
    Well congrats on 43 years, never would have guessed it was that long. Helen other than a hair color change you look the same, boy do I envy you. Now Paul, you didnt have extra chins then, I looked closely and your collar was just too tight. Maybe next year we will be able to see you for your 44th.