Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year another birthday. I sit here puzzled that a young man like me could possibly be 67 years old. I mean, I enjoy life more now than I did back then. I feel pretty good, most of the time. The point is that I don't feel old. My father was dead at 62, but he was never an old man. He died very quickly from a brain tumor,but was extremely active until the end. His mental acuity never flagged and he was always a joy to have around.

On the other hand, my mother was always an old lady and always required a lot of care. She was a stout, robust woman but chose to let the family do as much for her as they would. My Dad doted on her and after his passing it fell to my brother. He and my Mom lived in Massachusetts, but my family and I moved to Florida a short time after Dad passed on. My brother tried to please my Mom, but it was an impossible aim. A few years later, Mom moved to Florida about a mile from me and I took over the caretaker role. It wasn't that taking care of her was so difficult, it was that the job was constant. She wanted me over her house to do something or another all the time.

During this time we also had Helen's Mom and my Aunt also living close and we were watching them too. Every Friday night Helen would have all the ladies over to play cards, often after serving them supper. I could hear the squabbling as the older ladies were hard of hearing and the conversations I could overhear were often pure comedy. Helen is a saint.

All of that generation is gone for us, and that has allowed us to get to Canada on four or five occasions, Mexico, Western US, and Alaska. We are like a couple of 30 year olds enjoying the heck out of life. I sure hope it continues.

Then, out of the blue, I consider my sons, 39 and 40. I could hardly be 30 myself. How about my grandchildren, 7 to 22? How about my great granddaughter almost 2? You can see where this is going.

I take great joy in our friends who are a bit older than we are, who still enjoy life with the fervor of 20 year olds. I am elated to see all the people in campgrounds who are MUCH older that we are. On our trip to Alaska we met quite a number of campers who are well into their 80s.

I think it's a case of people who keep doing things, keep going and those who stop doing things just stop. It seems like all of our older friends are looking forward to next year and the year after. I'm the same way. next year we will most likely go back to Atlantic Canada and may go back to Newfoundland. In 2012, if the Mayan calendar is wrong, I want to go back to Alaska.

I've ordered a new camera for Helen so we can get some super wildlife shots and will not have to rely on the generosity of fellow tourists to email us the better pictures. Still young at heart, I have my eye on a few toys for me, also.

I guess I've rambles on long enough. Thank you, my friends, just for being you.



  1. Paul, Happy Birthday, I can't believe the parallel's in our lives My Dad was 61 when he died of a brain hemorrhage, We both are Lab lovers, and both of us have had the duty of taking care of Mom's in their last years, I took care of Donna's Mom's house, and yes having two houses to keep is double everything, when one lawn needs cutting the other does, you fix the plumbing in one, the other starts acting up.It never ended. Now we both want to hit the road and see some more of this great country. Hope you have many, many more birthday's and we look forward to seeing Y'all again. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!..hope you had a fabulous day!

  3. Happy Birthday and many, many more healthy returns.