Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enjoying the last few days.

Helen and I are sure enjoying the pups the last few days. They are at the right age to be a lot of fun. The little white devil is a real joy to have around, in spite of his big mouth. When we're outside and he wanders away, when we call him he comes running full speed. Of course we make the most of it and give him a big scratch. Since he has also become quite the lover he enjoys being cuddled too.

In the picture below the pups are enjoying the freedom of the whole kitchen. It works well for us because the become very active and soon tire out. A sleeping puppy is a quiet puppy.

Below, the White Tornado is surveying his territory. In another second he will be running full speed toward something he sees in the yard.

Here is the White Tornado mid-stride as he races to me. He comes so quickly and every time we call. The other two pups tend to ignore us.

Below is the tan male. He has no name because he never did anything to irk us. He is an extremely mellow puppy and his new people will be getting a dog that will be a real joy.

I hung a toy from a tree branch and all the pups enjoyed playing. The branch is supple enough to let the pups pull and the branch pull back,making the toy seem alive. Again, you will notice who has control of the toy and who is standing by.

So we are having a ball with the puppies and look forward to the weekend with mixed emotions. It will be nice to be free again, but we will miss the puppies something awful. There is the feeling in the middle of the night when they're barking constantly, but the feeling out in the yard makes it all worthwhile.

Right now, the tan male is being picked up Friday evening, El Diabalo Saturday morning, and Aria Sunday morning.

More later.


  1. I know it will be sad but you can look back and say what a good job we did.

    Jodie and Coco will get mom and dad back.

  2. I liked El Diablo from the first picture, remember with Sandy,he is sure a free spirit, reminds me of how Rigg's was as a pup. Everything was full speed ahead, no fear, He is still like that. You know it will probably only be a matter of time and the bell will go off and you and Helen will answer the call again. What huge hearts you guys have, with room for many, many puppies. Bless you both for being you. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. Oh my goodness, such adorable puppies! The little white one, El Diablo seems like he is a real hoot! They all are so adorable! You folks did a wonderful job by taking them all in, that's for sure! You've really got good ♥'s no doubt about that!!

    It'll be hard having them go, but, you know you did well by them and that they will all have good homes and will continue to be loved and played with..

    We have 2 dogs, Shelba is our chocolate lab, and Zoe is our german shepherd.. and a cat named Kitty Kat. Our minature schnauzer died last Dec. at the age of 14. He was a sweetie, as well as our other 3 pets are..