Monday, October 11, 2010

The Great Escape

Those of you who follow my blog recognize the white puppy of the litter. "El Blanco" or should I call him "El Diabalo". Every day Helen and I take the pups outside to play in the pen I made. They all seem to enjoy it and Helen or I will often take a few out to run freely around the yard. Well, El Blanco is not content to stay in the pen. He tries and tries to get out, jumping on all sections of the fence looking for the right spot. Now he has found the spot and it only takes him a moment to scale the fence and escape. Then he runs around the yard with great glee, with Jodie chasing him. Coco and Sandy don't bother him. In fact, both shy away from him, but Jodie really has a good time playing with the little devil. What really drives us crazy is that in the house as well as outside, he BARKS CONSTANTLY in his high pitched voice that can penetrate walls.

We also are having a problem with several puppies. Three of them have a belly rash diagnosed as pyoderma by the vet. The treatment is to apply Betadine several times a day. I sure hope it works as the pups will be going home in less than two weeks.

Helen is being worked to the max as she will not let me take a turn on night watch. I have to have an iron infusion tomorrow and again next week, so Helen doesn't want me to do too much until she feels I'm OK. I can see that the rat race she's in is running her down. She has the pups from pre-dawn 'til late at night, then she gets up in the middle of the night when they want more food or water. I admit that I have no stamina, but I am capable of taking the night shift. I DO get some sleep and I certainly feel well enough to help more than she allows.

I just had to check the pups because it was quiet. All is OK. They're just sated from food and water.

Enough for now.


  1. Paul, better wip yourself back into shape so you can give your bride some relief innings, boy the time seemed to fly and already you are almost ready to let the pups go. Did they find a home for Sandy? she is really a beut, El Diablo,that was the little guy that caught Sam's eye from the first, good thing he got the call to PA or he would have been on the way to Fla. to pick up El Diablo. Just as well though because Rigg's is not a vocal dog and doesn't bark much, so that habit would have to go.You guys be safe and maybe someday we will visit with you again. Sam & Donna.

  2. El Diablo?, I say MARLEY!..he looks like he is gonna a handful!!

  3. have been sharing your adventures with fellow dog lovers and they are really getting a kick out of your pups, especially El Blanco Diablo.
    He really is a character. love how u got the
    entire Great Escape, maybe you ought to call him Steve McQueen