Friday, October 22, 2010

Today is the day we give this one away.

Today is the day we give this one away as his new family is on the way to get him. It's nice to know that we've done a pretty good job and we couldn't be more pleased with his new family. Of course, they don't know him yet, so they have no idea what they're getting except his appearance.

What they will bring home is the most mellow of the litter. Oh, he loves to play and romp, but he's not as vocal as Aria or El Diabalo. He is content, and that's a big plus with a litter as he doesn't require the attention that the other two do. I think the new family will find that he will be an easy dog to integrate into the family. Very mellow, but he aims to please. To say we will miss him is a great understatement. We only gave temporary names to two of the pups, Aria due to her constant yowling early on, and El Diabalo due to his constant high pitched yipping. I hope the new family picks a name befitting his mellow temperament.

All the work and sleepless nights all boil down to the last week or so when they sleep most of the night and are so much fun to play with. Two more to go. We'll still have our two and the momma, so we will not be lonely and the older dogs can get more of the attention they crave.

More later.


  1. They sure have captured all our hearts, and yes he will be a great pup for the lucky family. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Glad there getting good homes.

    A good friend of our has Annie's sister so gets to see her now and then.