Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More fun than a barrel of Monkeys

what's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? It's a bucket of puppies! We have been taking the puppies outside for some exercise the last few days and they quickly get tired of their usual toys. I put a box in the pen and they were all over it for a short while. However, when I put the bucket in there, it became the center of activity for all the pups.

First there was only one or two inside.

Then there were a few more.

Finally all nine pups were trying to get in the bucket. When it was time to bring them back inside, four pups wouldn't get out, so I carried them inside in the bucket. It was a very easy way to transport four pups at one time.

This is Aria looking about and absorbing everything she sees.

Helen is getting a close up of Aria's brother as he tries to climb up in Helen's lap. The next shot didn't come out as his nose was right on the camera.

This, of course, is Helen making the most of her time with the whole litter. They are growing so rapidly that they need more room to play. That's why we have the outside pen and also why we give them the run of the kitchen. They run and run, chasing toys and each other. We just let them be and after a while they meander back to their pen and fall asleep. Then it gets nice and quiet and Helen and I can clean up. Typical of puppies and the young of most species, the periods of great activity are followed by a prolonged period of sleep. Then we can recharge our batteries.

Later this morning the 10 dogs are going to the vets for their shots. The pups will get their six week shots and the mother will get all her shots now that she's not nursing. A trip to the vet is obviously a two person job.
More later.


  1. A 2 person job? I want at least 5 people for the job! LOL! They are sooo cute!

  2. What a blast, a whole bucket full of furry fun,give them all a hug and a pet from us, Sam is up in PA. now and he is missing his buddy Rigg's, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Hi guys, this is Donna....If Sam shows up to claim that white one...Tell him NO, Riggs doesnt need a sibling, he's enough of a pawful.
    Just like babies, they are so cute when they are asleep.