Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three more days!

Yes, just three more days and the last of the puppies will be gone. Last Saturday I took the six "boxer type" puppies to a no-kill puppy shelter in Orlando. Yesterday I got a call from the shelter thanking me for bringing them the puppies. Although Lab Rescue had the puppies to the vet a few times for de-worming and shots, Puppy Pleasers had a vet check out the puppies and pronounced them all well. since Saturday, we have only had the mother and the three Lab looking pups. Unfortunately we still have the white male who barks when ever he's not sleeping. I think he can be heard from one end of our street to the other.

I'm not barking!!!

No, he's not barking in this picture because he's running around outside. He LOVES to be outside and is constantly expanding his universe. If you recall the great escape artist, it was this white male. The pen could no longer keep him so I took it down. With only the three pups, Helen and I can control them outside and the sure like to run around, inspecting everything. Still, they are determined to explore a little more and more each time they go out. They are all too happy to dash into the woods.

Aria...dashing from one place to another.

Not a bucketful, but a handful, at least.

We're making the most of the last few days with a lot of hands-on attention. They really enjoy being outside, but they do well inside if they have the whole kitchen and part of the family room and hall. The thought is that if we give them enough exercise, it will tire them out. It works, but the mouth barks shrilly for awhile after we out him back in the pen.

Helen and I got a new camera yesterday that will, (I hope), allow us to get better pictures of wildlife. It's an 18 megapixel Canon T2i and the above pictures were taken with it. It's considerably more complicated that any camera we've had before, so it'll take us a while to get up to speed.

Finally, I want to thank all my friends for their birthday wishes. Year 67 is done and now I'm going back to 39.


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  1. Glad to see you guys are getting a respite and the pups are finding homes, I hope someone finds it in there heart to take and make a home for Sandy too. Just from the look on Helen's face and the love in both your hearts, I know when the next call comes you guys will jump to raise another bunch. I know Jodie & Coco will enjoy a little peace for a change. Please be safe out there, Give the girls a pet for me I sure miss Rigg's. Sam & Donna..